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Online Hybrid Homeworker & Office Worker Workstation Assessment System

Posture Group offers the most flexible hybrid online DSE workstation assessment available for home and office working

2020 and 2021 has seen a big long-term disruption in where staff work from and how they work. Staff are now accustomed to working from home and employers are coming to terms with the idea of working from home either part-time or full-time.

This has resulted in a hybrid workforce where staff are offered flexibility as to where they work from and therefore health and safety / facilities departments need to offer a completely hybrid flexible workstation assessment for office workers, homeworkers and hybrid home/office workers.

POSTURE GROUP are experts in flexible online hybrid office worker and homeworker DSE workstation assessments and can tailor our system to meet your needs. We have delivered more than 4 million online homeworker risk assessments since the COVID-19 pandemic began to more than 5,000+ Client's. Before the pandemic began we delivered more than 3 million online office worker DSE workstation assessments to 3,000+ Client's. We have seen a huge growth in the demand for online homeworker DSE risk assessments and have tailored our systems to meet these demands.

There are 3 options we can offer your company as below:

Option 1:

Setup both an online office worker and online homeworker workstation assessment system asking all HYBRID workers to complete both an office worker worker and homeworker assessment on both systems. The homeworker assessment is completely different to the office worker system.

Posture Group can upload all users to the system for your company or we can create a self registration link where administrators can add users themselves or place the link on an intranet or email staff to complete the relevant assessment.

Option 2:

Create a single landing page link where staff are asked a tailored question about how often they work from office/home in an average week/month?
A drop down list will appear with a list of options and each option will load the relevant homeworker or office worker system.

The landing page setup and questions can be tailored to your needs.

For example, we can setup a question such as 'How many days per week do you work in the office?
The drop down list will list 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 4 days or 5 days

If they click on 1 day or 2 days – The user will be taken to online homeworker system setup for your company. Before the training commences the user will be able to download and print a workstation setup guide which they will follow when they work in the office.

If they answer 3 days, 4 days or 5 days - They will be taken to the office worker system setup for your company. Before the training commences the user will be able to download and print a workstation setup guide which they will follow when they work at home.

Option 3:

We can create a tailored system to meet your requirements. Please call or email us using the details below and we will discuss your requirements in more detail.

Please call our sales team on 020 3303 0980 or contact us via email at or click here.


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