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Online Lone Worker Training

Online Lone Worker Training


  • The online lone worker training system has been developed so that companies can provide health and safety training for any of their workers who work alone as part of their employment.
  • This online lone worker training system will help you train staff to manage their own personal health and safety when working alone whilst employed by your company.
  • The training is followed by an online knowledge review multiple choice questionnaire and a course completion certificate is downloaded at the end of the training.

Lone workers are those workers who work by themselves without close or direct supervision. Examples of lone workers includes:

  • People who work in fixed establishments where only one person works on the premises, such as in small workshops, kiosks, shops and home workers.
  • People who work separately from others in factories, warehouses, research and training establishments, leisure centres or fairgrounds.
  • People who work outside of normal hours such as cleaners, security staff, special production, night shift workers, maintenance and repair staff.
  • People who work away from their home base on construction sites, in plant installation, maintenance, cleaning work, electrical repairs, lift work, painting and decorating or vehicle recovery.
  • People who make home visits to clients for sales calls or assessments or to people they provide care to.
  • Agricultural and forestry workers.
  • Service workers who collect rents, postal workers, home helps, community nursing staff, pest control workers, drivers, engineers, estate agents, sales representatives and similar professionals who visit domestic and commercial premises as part of their job function.

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