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Remote Video Staff Pain Assessments (Home or Office Workers)



Posture Group provides 60-minute video consultations for staff with pain conditions working from home during the Coronavirus

Posture Group has created a comprehensive 60-minute video consultation via SKYPE / WHATSAPP VIDEO / FACETIME / ZOOM / WEBEX for anyone reporting pain or discomfort as a result of working from home during the corona virus.

Below is more information about the 60-minute assessment:

Who will deliver the 60-minute consultation?
Posture Group employs a team of 500+ ergonomics, physiotherapy and health and safety consultant's UK-wide who deliver our detailed face to face 60-minute pain assessment consultations who are experts in dealing with work related pain conditions. One of our team of experienced consultant's will be contacting your employee directly to deliver the service below.

What is the 60-minute Skype / Zoom / Webex / Whatsapp Video / Facetime discomfort & pain reduction service for homeworkers?
The duration of the Pain Assessment will be about 60-minutes. Posture group's pain assessment service has been developed to provide our clients with an effective solution to employees who are working from home and are suffering from discomfort or pain due to existing pain conditions or a poor chair and desk setup at home.

Pain Assessment Procedure:

  • Evaluation of the causes of any pain. Existing or due to home setup.
  • Look at laptop and monitor setup and setup of the screen.
  • Look at chair setup and how supports can help to alleviate any pain conditions. Look at alternative options.
  • Look at desk setup and height of the desk and how to improve the desk and chair setup to achieve an upright posture.
  • Look at seated posture and how supports can help achieve a better posture,
  • Look at other equipment such as mobile phone use and how to improve how they make calls.
  • Break advice and when to take breaks. Stand up to take calls, etc…
  • Simple follow up report for each employee with advice given and suggested improvements.

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