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Lockdown Procedure in Schools Training



Online Lockdown Procedure in Schools Training

(CPD accredited online training course)

Course information:

This Safety Via Technology online training course has been accredited by CPD.

The course is aimed at teachers, school administrators and support staff. It gives them an overview of what to expect and how to act in a lockdown situation and is intended to inform and prepare staff rather than alarm them.

In the last decade the threats to our society have multiplied and evolved in many ways. Terrorist organisations have transferred their fight from Iraq and Afghanistan to our back garden, Europe – and we have seen the damage that a small number of determined individuals can do.

This course will start by introducing the role of the lockdown officer then discuss some of the likely reasons for a lockdown, go over some of the steps you can take to prepare your school for lockdown as well as what to do in the event of a lockdown taking place.

  • The training course is broken down into modules and users can leave their training and log back in to exactly where they left off.
  • Each training module is followed by a knowledge review multiple choice questionnaire that will assess your knowledge and which are based on the training module information.
  • An accredited training completion certificate is available for download at the end of the training and completion of the knowledge review questions correctly.

Course Outline:
Module 1 - Introduction and the Lockdown Officer
Module 2 - Reasons for Lockdowns
Module 3 - The Lockdown Signal and the all Clear Signal
Module 4 - Suitable Rooms for Lockdown
Module 5 - Communication Arrangements
Module 6 - Possible Terminology
Module 7 - Violent Intruder Lockdown
Module 8 - Possible Threat or Danger
Module 9 - Staff Lockdown Responsibilities
Module 10 - Home Office Police Requirements
Module 11 - Simple Measures and Where to Seek Help

Example of course certificate:

CLICK HERE to download an example copy of the course completion accreditation certificate that can be downloaded on completion of the course.

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Purchase of 5 - 8 licenses - £22 plus VAT for each training license
Purchase of 9+ licenses - £20 plus VAT for each training license

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