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Online Short-Term Homeworker Workstation Assessments


Temporary Home Worker Workstation Setup Training & Assessment for Staff Working From Home During The Corona Virus Period.

Posture Group have provided online homeworker training and assessments for more than 500,000 homeworkers at 5,000+ companies during the Corona Virus period.

Posture Group's training and assessment system uses a 3D training video with multiple screen configuration options which explain how staff should IMPROVISE and use their own supports and equipment to setup their home desk, chair and any other equipment to achieve a comfortable working position.

Staff will be guided and informed on how to manage their own setup and fix their own issues. Issue management is completely customisable so that issue managers at the company, or the user themselves, can manage any generated issues.

The question set is kept simple along with a homeworker setup advice guide that can be downloaded and printed for reference at any time by the user.

We would recommend that you use Posture Group's system to train your staff how to setup their home desk and chair for working.

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Posture Group is a leading provider of online and face to face DSE workstation assessments, manual handling assessments, pregnant worker assessments and employee pain assessments UK-wide.