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Onsite Assessor Training Courses

On-Site Assessor Training Courses

Posture Group provide a selection of on-site assessor training courses to ensure companies can conduct their own employee assessments in accordance with legislation and guidance. Nominated assessors will be shown how to identify and assess various hazards and also how to reduce the risks to employees. All assessor training courses include practical training and risk exercises. On completion of the course all trainees will receive a handbook, course notes and full certification as a qualified assessor.

  • DSE Assessor Training Course
  • Pregnant Worker Assessor Training Course
  • Manual Handling Assessor / Train The Trainer Course
  • General Risk Assessor Training Course

Posture Group is a leading provider of online and face to face DSE workstation assessments, manual handling assessments, pregnant worker assessments and employee pain assessments UK-wide.