Hints & Tips for Workstation Setup

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Hints & Tips for Workstation Setup

Online Hints and Tips for Workstation Setup

This system has been created by our team of 250+ ergonomics, physiotherapy and health and safety consultants to offer our clients a solution that does not involve a full workstation assessment and management of employee issues. The software provides comprehensive training on how to set up your workstation and all related equipment and tasks, and is followed by a knowledge review and downloadable course completion certificate.

  • Completely customisable system to make it look like it was developed in-house by your company. This includes branding, logos, colours, questions, responses, certificate branding, training colours and more.
  • Requires no involvement by administrators or assessors once the system is setup as no issues are generated by users.
  • Includes a knowledge review questionnaire of all the training provided with multiple possible answers for all questions to test the user’s knowledge following their training.
  • Course completion certificates can be downloaded by the user or the system administrator on completion of the course.

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