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How The System Works / Customisations

Online Hints and Tips for Workstation Setup

How the system works / Customisations.

  • A comprehensive training slideshow covering all aspects of workstation setup and correct seated posture.
  • The training is followed by a multiple choice questionnaire to assess the employee’s knowledge of the training provided on workstation setup.
  • On completion of the training, the employee can download and print their course completion certificate to validate their completion of the course.
  • Designated health and safety and line managers are given access to the online administration area where they can view who has completed their training as well as view and print any course completion certificates.
  • A completely customisable system to make it look like it was developed in-house by your company. This includes branding, logos, colours, questions, responses, certificate branding, training colours and more.

Detailed training provided via slideshow

  • Visually engaging and easy to understand.
  • Indicates all key health and safety factors relevant to workstation setup.
  • Training points and tips are provided relating to each area of the workstation setup training.

Knowledge review multiple choice questionnaire

  • Comprehensive questions to cover all aspects of the training.
  • 4 multiple choice answers with some questions having more than 1 answer.
  • User is prompted to select the correct answer(s) if they have selected the incorrect answer(s).
  • The questions and answers can be edited, deleted or additional questions added. A tailored questionnaire can be created.
  • The order of the questions and answers can be easily changed.
  • Can pause the questionnaire at any stage and come back and complete the questionnaire at a later date or time.

Online certification

  • Once the knowledge review is complete, the user can download and print their course completion certificate.

Administration login

  • Separate login page and password.
  • Administrators can view who has completed their assessment and who is still outstanding.
  • Administrators can view, download or print any users’ course completion certificate.

Email management

  • The email function allows the automation of the system.
  • Client provides data for each user (name and email address).
  • Once uploaded, the online workstation setup system recognises all users.
  • An initial launch email is automatically sent to all users with a personal login.
  • Email reminders can be setup and sent to users who have not completed their assessment.

Data protection information & system security

  • Posture Group ensures that all data received during the completion of the online training is fully secure in compliance with the Data Protection Act and we do not share Client data with any external organisations.
  • All of our dedicated, managed servers are UK based.
  • Globalsign Extended SSL (secure sockets layers) Certificate installed on all domains.
  • Industry leading SLA (service level agreement).
  • Dedicated servers housed inside secure data centre.
  • Server access passwords secured off-line.
  • All Client and system data is fully encrypted using AES Advanced Encryption to protect the data.
  • Restricted access given to both in-house and Client administrators via Secure Access Control priveleges.
  • Access Control priveleges are updated weekly to ensure only relevant staff have access to the system.
  • Access to the data centre is via a card-based security system. Fire-exits are alarmed and monitored by CCTV. All our data is treated as highly sensitive and so the onsite data centre security team maintain watch 24/7/ 365 day a year, ensuring access is strictly limited to essential personnel only.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply - We run everything using uninterruptible power supplies. Onsite generators are also on standby (in case the external supply should fail).
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virius protection installed on all servers - All our dedicated managed servers run Kaspersky Anti-virus software and the versions are kept completely up-to-date with virus definitions and updates downloaded daily.
  • All systems are kept 100% safe behind a multi-layered firewall. All servers are protected by Cisco Firewalls. The Cisco Firewalls filter both inbound and outbound traffic, block any suspicious activity and prevent your server from being compromised.
  • A Cisco Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) sits behind the Cisco Firewall and is installed on every server to examine network traffic flows to detect and prevent vulnerability exploits and malicious activity. Immediate action is taken by the Intrusion Prevention system if a threat is found to block any malicicious threat to the system.
  • Regular pentration tests are carried out on the firewall, network and software applications on a monthly basis to scan for system vulnerabilities with a recommendations report generated. All systems are updated with all recommended changes.
  • Regular backups are taken daily to 3 different in-house servers using Secure FTP access software for backups.
  • Completed reports and certificates are stored securely in a password protected folder for each client.
  • Reports and certificates can be permanently deleted once downloaded, if requested.

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