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How the system works / Customisations

Manual Handling Training

How the system works / Customisations

  • Completely customisable system to make it look like it was developed in-house by your company. This includes branding, logos, colours, questions, responses, certificate branding, training colours and more.
  • A comprehensive training slideshow that covers all aspects of manual handling techniques and procedures.
  • A multiple choice training review test to assess the employee’s knowledge of the manual handling training provided.
  • On successful completion of the review test a manual handling training course certificate can be downloaded and printed out.
  • Designated health and safety managers, and line managers, are given access to the online administration area where they can view who has completed their training and view and print any course completion certificates.

Detailed training provided via slideshow

  • Visually engaging and easy to understand.
  • Indicates all key health and safety factors relevant to manual handling.
  • Training points and tips are provided relating to each area of the manual handling training.

Knowledge review multiple choice questionnaire

  • Comprehensive questions to cover all aspects of the training.
  • 4 Multiple choice answers with some questions having more than one answer.
  • User is prompted to select the correct answer(s) if they have selected the incorrect answer(s).
  • 18 multiple choice questions.
  • The questions and answers can be edited, deleted or additional questions added. A tailored questionnaire can be created.
  • The order of the questions and answers can be easily changed.
  • Can pause the questionnaire at any stage and come back and complete the questionnaire at a later date or time.

Online certification

  • Once the knowledge review is complete the user can download and print their Posture Group course completion certificate.

Administration login

  • Separate login page and password.
  • Administrators can view who has completed their assessments and who is still outstanding.
  • Administrators can view, download or print any users course
  • Completion certificate.

Email Managment Login

  • The email function allows the automation of the system.
  • Client provides data for each user (name and email address).
  • Once uploaded the online manual handling system recognises all users.
  • An initial launch email is automatically sent to all users with personal login details.
  • Email reminders can be setup and sent to users who have not completed their assessment.

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