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Online Home Worker Workstation Setup Training & Assessment

Posture Group is a leading provider of online homeworker workstation assessment software that ensures compliance with the Health and Safety Display Screen Equipment regulations 1992. Posture Group's online workstation assessment system automates the process of providing homeworker workstation assessments and highlights the high priority issues that need to be dealt with to reduce the health and safety risks to your company.

Posture Group's online homeworker workstation assessment software has been developed by our team of 250+ ergonomics, physiotherapy and health and safety consultants UK-wide who deliver in excess of 300,000 face to face DSE workstation assessments for both homeworkers and office workers annually. Our consultants have developed the online homeworker workstation assessment system to streamline the service they provide face to face.

The system provides a comprehensive workstation setup and posture training animated video combined with a detailed workstation self-assessment questionnaire afterwards relating to home working health and safety and workstation setup. Management can then produce system reports, add comments and close off issues as they go along.

More than 5,000 companies are using Posture Group's online homeworker and workstation assessment software to streamline and automate their assessment processes and save the costs of providing homeworker workstation and health and safety assessments by up to 90%.

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Posture Group is a leading provider of online and face to face DSE workstation assessments, manual handling assessments, pregnant worker assessments and employee pain assessments UK-wide.