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Scenario / Content Options

Manual Handling Training & Assessment

Scenarios / Content Options
Clients can choose the sections/content options they would like to include from the following list:

  • Worker health
  • Storage/retrieval of filing
  • Using a trolley
  • Moving furniture
  • Laptop carrying on person
  • Luggage carrying when travelling for work
  • Water Bottle handling for Coolers
  • Stationery order receiving
  • Handling files at a desk and retrieving items from low drawers
  • Stacking, warehouse
  • Loading and unloading, warehouse
  • Recycled/Shredded paper handling
  • General manual handling questions
  • Additional Training and risk assessment scenarios available:
  • Information Technology manual handling
  • Administration manual handling
  • Post manual handling
  • General office specific manual handling scenarios
  • Corporate hospitality
  • Workstation manual handling
  • Manufacturing / production line / assembly line manual handling:
  • Service and repair (appliances)
  • Warehouse manual handling
  • Healthcare / hospital manual handling
  • Retail / supermarket manual handling
  • Road works manual handling
  • Parcel delivery / mail manual handling
  • Haulage / logistics manual handling
  • Refuse / recycling manual handling
  • Cleaner / cleaning manual handling

If you would like a specific scenario that is not listed, please let us know.

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