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Online Workstation Assessments

Workstation Assessments

  • The system has been developed by Posture Group’s team of 250+ ergonomics, physiotherapy and health and safety consultants to streamline the process they use for providing face to face workstation assessments.
  • A selection of training videos - employees can choose the type of workstation / screen setup that applies to them and then view specific training geared to their exact setup.
  • The 3D animated video will illustrate all the information required to setup their workstation correctly, considering aspects such as working posture and seated posture.
  • A completely customisable system to make it look like it was developed in-house by your company. This includes logos, colours, questions, company policies, advice, pop-up boxes and more.
  • Notification Alerts can be set up so your management team is alerted via email to any outstanding issues that require further attention.
  • Automate the workstation assessment process.
  • Easily assess home workers and employees at multiple locations and remote sites UK wide.
  • The automated user email setup and email launch feature streamlines the administration of the system.
  • The system is simple, user friendly and quick to implement.
  • Cut the costs of providing workstation assessments by up to 90%.
  • Post assessment on-site support is available for any employees that may require a more in-depth pain consultation, in the cases of chronic pain, by Posture Group’s team of 250+ ergonomics, physiotherapy and health and safety consultants UK-wide.

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Posture Group is a leading provider of online and face to face DSE workstation assessments, manual handling assessments, pregnant worker assessments and employee pain assessments UK-wide.