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How The System Works / Customisations

Online Workstation Training & Assessment

How the system works / Customisations

  • Employees log on to the online workstation system and select the screen set-up that they are currently using.
  • Each employee will then view the Posture Group 3-D animated training video which provides a visual guide to safe workstation setup, seated posture and other important considerations.
  • The user then completes Posture Group's online workstation assessment, making any necessary adjustments to their workstation as they go along.
  • Assessment data is automatically collated by the online system and displayed in an online management reporting tool showing details of further action required for each member of staff. Line managers / system administrators can search for users by name or department.
  • Completely customisable system to make it look like it was developed in-house by your company. This includes logos, colours, questions, responses, advice, pop up advice flags, training colours and more.

3D Animated Training Video

  • Users can select their exact workstation screen set-up and then receive specific training.
  • Customisable training pages.
  • Visually engaging and easy to understand.
  • Demonstrates key setup considerations – chair position, desktop layout, etc.
  • Helps users understand why workstation assessments benefit them.
  • Indicates key health and safety factors.

Detailed workstation assessment questionnaire

  • Fully customisable questionnaire to suit your exact requirements – visual and text changes, pop-up boxes, add links to intranet websites, add documents with policies e.g eye care policy. Simple YES / NO answers.
  • Drop down list of possible NO responses to save time.
  • Text box for users to write comments.
  • Option to go back during assessment.
  • Assessment can be bookmarked for later completion.
  • Summary page for users to view and change any responses if needed.

Management reporting system

  • Separate login page and password for administrators only.
  • Automated feedback of user answers.
  • Automated action plan guidance (user never sees this information).
  • Management can write comments next to each issue.
  • Comments are recorded with a date and time.
  • Search by name or department function.
  • Automated PDF generator on completion.
  • Download all PDF's function.
  • Counter displaying all assessments taken.
  • Full statistics of all assessments allowing versatile data analysis.

Third party management alerts

  • Assign individual departments or managers to receive notification of actions required relating to specific assessment questions.
  • Automatically alerts third party of actions required when a user answers a negative response.
  • Allows third party managers to update improvements made directly to a user's report, including comments and date completed.
  • Email management add-on function.
  • The email add-on function can be switched on for the clients that request it.
  • Client provides Excel data of users - name and email address.
  • Once uploaded, the DSE system recognises all users to take the assessment.
  • An initial launch email is automatically sent to all users with login details.
  • The launch and reminder emails can be customised as per your requirements.
  • Emails are automatically sent to users that have not completed the assessment - client decides how regularly emails are sent.
  • Management can also download Excel spreadsheets at any point showing current status of assessments – completed requiring action or completed requiring no further action.

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