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Section / Options Available

Online Pregnant Worker Training & Assessment

Sections / Options available
Clients can choose the sections/options they would like to include from the following list:

  • Working posture and comfort - This section assesses pregnant workers current work status and working activities carried out that may expose them to greater levels of risk such as back pain and looking after their health and circulation throughout pregnancy.
  • Computer user - An assessment of the pregnant workers workstation or work area to manage workflow and ensuring items are positioned ergonomically to avoid discomfort during each working day.
  • Manual handling - This section provides the pregnant worker with manual handling advice and assesses their condition for lifting heavy objects and storing files to avoid any health risks and injuries. It also assesses whether appropriate equipment is supplied in the workplace for manual handling tasks and carrying equipment.
  • Working at height - This section assesses whether a pregnant worker is required to work at height as part of their job function and how risks of working from height can be avoided.
  • Welfare - Assessment of current working area and setup for pregnant workers to ensure there is convenient access to facilities to ensure a comfortable pregnancy.
  • Working hours and breaks - This section covers required working hours, changes to working hours, if required, taking regular breaks and commuting to work to avoid additional stress and health risks during pregnancy.
  • Working stresses - This section assesses a pregnant workers current work stresses to avoid mental and physical stress. There is also information on how these issues can be avoided.
  • Protective clothing and uniforms - An assessment of whether there is appropriate protective equipment, uniforms and other materials for pregnant workers to ensure the right level of protection and comfort is provided.
  • Hazardous substances - To assess whether a pregnant worker is exposed to hazardous substances and recommended levels of protection required.
  • Work related violence - This section covers ways of avoiding added stress which might be associated with work related violence.
  • Environment - Assessment of a pregnant workers current work environment to ensure the correct lighting, noise levels and ventilation are provided.

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