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How the system works / Customisations

Online Pregnant Worker Training & Assessment

How the system works / Customisations.

  • Users are automatically emailed an introductory email with more information and login details.
  • Users then log on to the pregnant worker system and view the training slideshow with advice and tips. This provides a visual guide to safe working procedures during pregnancy and other important considerations.
  • Each user completes the online assessment questionnaire.
  • Assessment data is automatically collated by the online system and displayed in an online report summary with details of further action required for each member of staff.
  • If Posture Group is required to assist with any post-assessment action a consultant returns to provide a follow-up service – for example users with chronic pain. This ensures costs are only incurred for one-to-one time with users that require it.

Detailed training provided via slideshow

  • Visually engaging and easy to understand.
  • Indicates all key health and safety factors relevant to pregnant workers.
  • Training points and tips are provided relating to each area of the health and safety training.

Pregnant worker questionnaire

  • Detailed questions relating to all areas affecting pregnant workers
  • Pre-assessment disclaimer
  • Simple multiple-choice answers
  • Drop down list of pre-determined ‘issue’ responses
  • Additional text box for users to enter own response
  • Option to go ‘back’ during assessment
  • Can pause the assessment at any stage and come back and complete the assessment at a later date or time.
  • Assessment can be bookmarked for later completion

Management reporting system

  • Separate login page and password
  • Automated feedback of user answers
  • Automated action plan guidance (user never sees this information)
  • Management comments entry box for each question
  • Automated PDF generator on completion
  • Simple view to see all awaiting, incomplete, actions required and all incomplete assessments.
  • Ability to view all high, medium, low and no action required issues by clicking on relevant status box.

Email management

  • The email function allows the automation of the system.
  • Client provides data of each user - name and email address
  • Once uploaded the pregnant worker system recognises all users taking assessment
  • An initial roll-out email is automatically sent to all users with personal login details
  • Email reminders can be setup and sent to users who have not completed assessment

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