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Online Pregnant Worker Training & Assessment

What does the software cost and how much will you save?
Posture Group's online pregnant worker training and assessment software will reduce the costs normally involved with providing face to face assessments from £199.00 per employee for a 60-minute face to face assessment to just £10.00 - £25.00 for an online assessment. The costs above vary depending on the number of assessments that are required.

This Month’s Promotion
Get a free Online Training System with each purchase this month. Choose an additional online training system from the list below:

  • Online Fire Safety Awareness Training for Employees (including certification).
  • Online Manual Handling Training & Test (including certification).
  • Online Home Worker Training & Assessment.
  • Online Employee Posture Training.

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Posture Group is a leading provider of online and face to face DSE workstation assessments, manual handling assessments, pregnant worker assessments and employee pain assessments UK-wide.